Herb Group

Little World Herbs - Herb Group in KentThrough out the year we run a monthly Herb Group in Kent at Little World Herbs.  We meet on the first Tuesday of the month  10 – 12  and occasional Saturdays 10 – 12, we look at the herb garden and what is growing.  We then use these herbs to discuss how we can use them and make products such as creams, tinctures, ointments, syrups etc.  It is lovely to meet every month to see how the gardens are changing and see the plants growing at different stages, from buds, to flowers to seeds, using all parts of many plants, such as the leaves, flowers and roots and using them in teas, decoctions, or juices.  This group may be attended as a one off or as a continued group through the year as we will always be discussing new things.  It is a hands on practical group and each week we make something new to take home.  Previous participants of the course have loved how it reconnected them with nature and gave them the confidence to use herbs in their daily lives.

The herb group is run by Medical Herbalist Lucy Vertue MNIMH.

To book a place please contact: lucy@littleworldherbs.co.uk

The herb group is £25 per person, including herbal teas and a herbal product made on the day.